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Jewish UNF Students posing for a picture at the Chanukah at UNF celebration

Making Jewish life accessible, enjoyable and meaningful at UNF.

Your Home Away From Home.


Ready for an enriching college experience at UNF? Chabad is here for you! Join us for warm Shabbat dinners, social events, holiday programs, trips, shabbatons and more! or stop by our student center and enjoy our lounge and Kosher cafe! So, drop by and find out why Chabad is more than just a place - it's your home away from home.

Jewish UNF students posing Infront of giant dreidel

Welcome to Chabad at UNF

The heart of Jewish life at The University of North Florida

There's always something happening at Chabad at UNF! Join us for warm Shabbat dinners, social events, holiday programs, trips, shabbatons and more!

Celebrating Together
Jewish UNF students standing at the Israel rally in Washington D.C

Engagement and learning are part of our core values. Join us for "Parsha and Pizza" or join our Sinai Scholars program for an immersive educational experience for those eager to delve deeper.

Nurturing Knowledge

Our facilities offer more than just a place to attend events or classes. Here, you'll find a lounge and study room available anytime you need a quiet space. Hungry? Our Kosher Cafe offers a menu of tasty options with a special discount for Jewish students. And yes, we've got you covered with free wifi too!

More Than Just a Space

Navigating college life can be a whirlwind of new experiences and challenges. At Chabad at UNF, we're here to support you every step of the way. We're not just about events and classes - we're about being there for you when you need it. Whether you need someone to talk to, or simply want to unwind in a friendly environment, we're here for you.

Here For You
Jewish UNF Students posing for a picture at the Chanukah at the Town Center celebration

What People are saying

Hear from some past and present students and faculty!

"Chabad at UNF is a phenomenal facility that is making a transformative difference in the lives of our students on campus."

David Szymanski
(UNF President, 2018 - 2021)

"Rabbi Novack inspires our students, He has the students at his heart and we appreciate him for that"

Moez Limayem

(UNF President, 2022 - present)


Welcome, parents! We know your child's college experience is important to you. That's why Chabad at UNF offers a range of activities and resources designed to engage and support your student. From our weekly Shabbat dinners and enriching classes to our cozy lounge and study facilities, we're here to ensure a fulfilling and enjoyable Jewish experience at UNF.

Jewish UNF Students posing for a picture at a Chabad event at Topgolf
"When I moved to Jacksonville, I knew nobody. Chabad at UNF welcomed me with open arms. I made a bunch of new friends and found a home away from home. I am so thankful to be able to call them my second family."

Samantha Rosenbloom '23

"They were able to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable and create an environment that really left a positive impact on me and my life going forward"

Mike Gottlieb '09

"Being a Jew on a college campus can be hard, but Chabad at UNF made life easier. They're welcoming to all Jews and have truly made me feel like I have a home away from home"

Yossi Carmi '16

"When I think of happiness, I think about Chabad. When I was going through hard times, Chabad was there for me and they always will be."

Shachar Spiegel '12

"It was such an important part of my college experience, UNF was not very Jewish, I felt pretty isolated coming from south Florida were there was a large Jewish population. Chabad was always so welcoming and so involved, it ignited a new love for my heritage. Shmuli and Chana were so welcoming and inspiring, it really shaped who I am as a Jew."

Lauren Lipton '07

"Chabad has become a second home and they have been so generous in welcoming me. I'm sure I speak for other students when I say some of the best moments of the semester have been at Chabad."

Boaz Levy '22

"They Changed my college experience significantly, they became my second family at UNF. I really owe Chana and Shmuli a huge thank you for the wonderful times I've had with them and connecting me more to my Jewish self"

Allison Ginsburg '07

"To be able to really connect to other students has definitely been one of the biggest opportunities Chabad at UNF has provided me, being able to find people that say "We're here for you and if anything happens we're going to protect you because we're family""

Hannah Lee '19

"It's not like going to synagogue, it's like going to visit your family and your closest friends and having a great meal, Rabbi Shmuli and Chana are so awesome and they're so wonderful to talk to and to be with"

Gabby Ashbrook

Miriam Halimi, JD, DNP, MBA RN-BC

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