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Our Team


Rabbi Shmuli and Chana Novack

Rabbi Shmuli Novack and his wife Chana, co-founders and directors of Chabad at the University of North Florida, have dedicated their lives to fostering Jewish community and education at the university since 2001. Originating from Los Angeles, Rabbi Shmuli, alongside Chana, who hails from Israel, have been pivotal in nurturing Jewish life and culture among students at UNF. The couple, blessed with five children, continues to impact the lives of many through their unwavering dedication and leadership at the Chabad center.

Advisory Chairman

Dr. Lazar Finker

Advisory Board

Dr. Larry Kanter

Dr. Dmitriy Model ('96)

Miriam Halimi, JD, DNP, MBA RN-BC

Marcus Pactor

Dr. Rita Steiner

Joseph Carmi, JD ('16)

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